Is Law School Worth the Price? Lecture/Q&A Session: “Law School in the Age of Anxiety”

This message is for anyone who has students considering the possibility of law school – and specifically, if your students are wondering if a law school education is still worth the price.   Today’s front page of the NY Times provides only the latest resounding “no!” to that question—and quotes IU Maurer School of Law Professor William Henderson, a recognized expert on this issue, as well.  HPPLC is very pleased to announce that we have persuaded another national authority on this issue to speak at IU during his visit to the area.

Dean Lawrence Mitchell of Case Western Reserve University School of Law has spoken persuasively in the NY Times as well as other media across the country about why and under what conditions law school remains a solid investment.  His controversial op-ed “Law School Is Worth the Money” provoked heated debate nationwide, and brought him a large following as well as critics.  His talk at IU, entitled “Law School in an Age of Anxiety,” will undoubtedly inspire tough Q & A afterwards.  It is important that potential law students make decisions with their eyes wide open—we are hoping for a good turnout.

Dean Mitchell will speak to our students on Tuesday, February 5, from noon to 1:30 PM in the Maple Room of the IMU.  Pizza is included.   Please contact HPPLC if you have any questions, 812.855.1873.

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