Jews in Image & the Imagination: Jewish Body, Gender, & Sexuality in Representation

Inaugural Jewish Studies Graduate Student Association Conference

February 7-8, 2013 | State Room East, Indiana Memorial Union

The inaugural conference of the Jewish Studies Graduate Student Association at Indiana University Bloomington, “Jews in Image and Imagination: Body, Gender, and Sexuality in Representation,” will explore the representational relationship between Jews and sexuality, Jews and gender, Jews and physicality, and Jews and the body.  How have Jews imagined themselves throughout history and how do they imagine themselves today?  Or, how do others imagine Jews or even “the Jew”?  The conference is designed to encompass a range of academic subjects, while producing a sustained and focused debate about how Jews have appeared in literary and artistic works.

Dr. Charlotte E. Fonrobert, Professor of Religion at Stanford University, will deliver the keynote address on Thursday, February 7th.  Her research on sexuality in Talmudic literature will serve at the centerpiece of graduate panel discussions.

Please visit for conference schedule.  All sessions and they keynote are free and open to the public.  For more information contact Joseph Hayden.


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