Luminaries Program

The Alumni Relations division of the College’s Office of Advancement is launching a new program called the College of Arts & Sciences Luminaries Program, which is based on Purdue’s Old Masters Program (  The goals of the this student-driven initiative is to (1) invite IU College of Arts & Sciences alumni and/or friends back to campus for the purpose of sharing personal and professional ideas and experiences with Indiana University students, alumni, faculty and staff in order to inspire future leaders and (2) create a campus environment within the College that allows for student professional development, mentorship and lifelong connections.

We would like to identify 8 College of Arts and Sciences students to serve on the governing committee for this program.  These students will work alongside the College Alumni Board and Alumni Relations in facilitating this initiative.  If you have an interest in serving on the College Luminaries Program Council please contact Vanessa Cloe at, ph: 812-855-8891, or Hillary Person at, ph: 812-855-7930.

Due date for applications is 10:00PM on February 3, 2013.


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