Honors Research Symposium and Poster Fair

Deadline for abstracts & proposals March 1st, 2013

The Hutton Honors College invites proposals and abstracts for our annual symposium and research fair.  The symposium is to be held on Saturday, April 13th, in the Hutton Honors College building (811 East 7th Street) from 9-5.  Students who choose to present papers at the symposium will be asked to speak for fifteen minutes on their work, with a five minute Q&A to follow.  Each presenter will be included on a panel of students working in a similar field of study.  Most years the topics include sociology, international issues, science, psychology, health care, arts and humanities, but every year the topics vary somewhat according to the abstracts submitted.  A schedule of sessions will be forthcoming in March.  The poster fair will also be held on Saturday, April 13th.  Students are invited to present both a paper and/or poster; presentations of both a paper and poster are welcome.  All IU undergraduates are invited to participate in these two events, and all IU faculty and students will be invited to attend.  The Hutton Honors College will hold workshops for students who would like to know more about paper or poster presentations.  Students are encouraged to present on work that is not yet complete!  If you are writing a paper for a class, or conducting research for your thesis or a lab project, present your work and learn from the feedback you receive before completing your work.  It will help guide your thinking as you work toward completion.

Whether you choose to present a paper at the symposium or a poster at the fair, or would like to participate in both events, we welcome one page abstracts by March 1st.  Abstract samples, a template, the application and instructions can be found on our website: http://www.indiana.edu/~iubhonor/.   If you choose to participate in both events, you will just submit one abstract.  Also, be sure you have a faculty mentor for your project, as they will be asked to sign off on your abstract.  Abstracts should be submitted to the dropbox on the website hhcrs@indiana.edu  by March 1st.

The symposium and fair are open to all disciplines, including (but not limited to): visual and performing arts, humanities, social and behavioral sciences, public affairs, natural and physical sciences, mathematics, business and economics, education, and nursing.  This is a great opportunity to let others see the valuable work you have accomplished, and to see what other students in a variety of fields are exploring here at IU.  It is also a great chance for you to perfect your presentation skills and receive valuable feedback from faculty and interested colleagues.  Don’t miss this opportunity for professional experience!   We look forward to hearing from you, and more importantly, to seeing the results of your efforts!

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