Transnational Politics of Gender and Reality TV Conference

April 26-27, 2013 | Reality Gendervision: Sexuality and Gender on Reality TV Conference

The past decade has witnessed an explosion of programming and scholarship about reality television, yet very little of that scholarship actively deals with the politics of gender that are so insistent on Reality TV.  From Survivor to Jon and Kate Plus 8 to American Idol to Jersey Shore, Reality TV constitutes an enormous and ever-growing archive about our collective desires and anxieties, which often crystalize around gender.  The gendered politics of Reality TV’s production and consumption further highlight the need for a discussion specifically on how gender is of critical concern to Reality TV.  This conference is third in a series of international conferences and is aligned with two previous events: Gender Politics & Reality TV (Dublin, Ireland) and Gender Cultures and Reality TV (Auckland, New Zealand).  The US conference marks the imminent publication of a new edited collection, Reality Gendervision: Decoding Sexuality and Gender on Transatlantic Reality TV, edited by Brenda R. Weber and forthcoming from Duke University Press.
Confirmed keynote addresses:
Misha Kavka, Department of Film, TV, and Media Studies, University of Auckland

Laurie Ouellette, Communication Studies, University of Minnesota

With a pre-conference presentation on Thursday, April 25th by: Herman Gray, Sociology, University of California at Santa Cruz


For more information, consult the conference website:


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