Zulu and Swahili Summer 2013

African Language Program

Summer 2013


First Eight weeks – May 7 to June 28, 2013

Intensive Elementary Swahili – LING S101/501 and S102/502

Instructor: Beatrice Okelo (bokelo@indiana.edu)

Intensive Intermediate Swahili – LING S201/601 and S202/602

Instructor: Deo Tungaraza (deotunga@indiana.edu)


Second eight weeks – June 3 to July 26, 2013

Intensive Elementary Zulu – LING Z101/501 and Z102/502

Instructor: Mpolokeng Lesetla (mlesetla@umail.iu.edu)


Take the equivalent of two semesters in one summer session.

Count towards IU foreign language requirement

Count towards the African Language Minor – Zulu track and Swahili track

Opportunity for study abroad in South Africa and East Africa

Opportunity to join the Swahili Flagship Center

For more information, please contact African language coordinator, Dr. Alwiya S. Omar, aomar@indiana.edu; 855 3323 or

visit http://www.indiana.edu/~afrilang/


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