Black Women in the Diaspora

AAAD-A210 | May 7 – 31, 2013 | 12:40 – 2:50PM | Woodburn Hall 109 | Instructor Maria E. Hamilton Abegunde

COURSE FOCUS.  Our course will be guided by the following questions: How did and do Black women redefine, reclaim, resist, and rename the historical, political, cultural, and social factors that impact their lives, especially their own concepts of mind, body, and spirit?  How have these responses helped Black women come to know, reflect on, and make meaning of themselves and their experiences in the world?  How do these meanings and interpretations counter the dominant and popular narratives about being Black and being a Woman?  How do these counter narratives empower Black women to create communities grounded in their histories and ways of knowing?  What relevance does this have to each of our lives this moment in time?  How do these responses
teach and inspire us to “be the change we want to see in the world”?  PRIMARY TEXT TO BE PURCHASED. Guy-Sheftall, Beverly. Ed. 1995. Words of Fire. New
York: The New Press. Other texts will be available via Oncourse or from direct links to websites


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