Breaking the Gender Dichotomy: Why Two Are Definitely Not Enough

Thursday, March 21, 7:30 p.m., School of Public Health Auditorium (C100).  This is a presentation by Kand McQueen, co-sponsored with the
GLBT Student Support Services, Indiana University.  (Please see the attached 5 minute trailer; press escape to end.)

Kand S McQueen holds a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from Indiana University and is an assistant professor in the College of Education at Indiana State University who teaches courses in Statistics and Research Methodology.  Major research interests include assessing attitudes toward the atypically gendered and deconstructing the two-and-only-two-sex/two-gender paradigm.  McQueen has conducted numerous presentations and workshops on a variety of gender-identity issues throughout the country that have been very well received. There is also biographical information on Kand’s website:
“Kand McQueen is the most articulate speaker on issues of gender identity I have ever heard… Kand has a unique style – a common sense approach which combines passion with perspective and honesty with humor.  I have heard Kand present in a classroom of 25 students and in an auditorium of 1500 people and in each situation I noted a level of attentiveness on the part of the audience which was palpable… I would highly recommend this fascinating individual to any person or group…”

Doug Bauder
Indiana University
Coordinator of the GLBT Student Support Services Office

“Kand McQueen is one of those very rare speakers who can make the audience see things from a different, more nuanced perspective.  Kand is not one of the increasingly typical denizens of the lecture circuit who appeals to pre-existing stereotypes and world views, but rather a bearer of epiphanies—an engaging speaker who frames issues in a way that allows the listener to move beyond the bipolar understandings that dominate and polarize American opinion. ”

Sheila Suess Kennedy
Professor, Law and Public Policy
School of Public and Environmental Affairs

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