GNDR-G104 The Fame Monster

June 17 – July 26, 2013 | MTWRF | 12:45-2PM | Sycamore Hall 037 | Krystal Cleary

Course #: 14389, 3 credits (Breadth of Inquiry credit)

Course description:  What are we to make of the pop star who wears dresses made of raw meat, has a drag king alter ego named Jo Calderone, drives the Pussy Wagon off into the horizon with Beyoncé riding shotgun, and internationally has millions of adoring fans called “little monsters”?  In this course, we will use Lady Gaga’s controversial star persona, performances, and the various discourses that surround her fame as entry points into an interdisciplinary analysis of contemporary cultural concerns about gender, sexuality, the body, identity, and political activism.  For more information, contact

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