AAAD-A203 Summer 2013

June 3-28, 2013 | MTWRF 10:30AM – 12:30PM | Instructor Caralee Jones

Course Description: A203 “Studying Blacks in the New World: African Americans and Africans in the African Diaspora.”  Although Blacks  in the United States, Caribbean and Latin America share an African heritage, they make up one of the most culturally diverse populations in the Western hemisphere.  In this course, we will employ a comparative analysis to explore how those of African descent formed communities, resisted oppression, and gained their independence through tedious struggles for equality.  The first three weeks will investigate the transatlantic slave trade and the development of Black communities in the Americas.  We will then examine how Blacks resisted slavery and fought for their emancipation.  Next, we will investigate how Blacks were able to restructure their lives after slavery through migration, immigration and social and civil rights movements.  The last week will take us into contemporary issues that Blacks in Brazil, Jamaica, Puerto Rico and the United States face as a result of their particular social and historical legacies.

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