Jane Bosart College Emergency Scholarship

Funded through a generous donation to the College, the Jane Bosart College Emergency Scholarship was established with the goal of providing financial assistance to undergraduate students in the College who encounter a significant financial hardship as they approach graduation that may affect their ability to complete their degree.  This scholarship is intended to assist those students who are unable to resolve their financial difficulty through other means, such as financial aid and/or family resources.  The eligibility criteria for an award are the following:
§  Indiana resident with a documented financial hardship
§  Current full-time status at IUB or in an IU-administered or IU co-sponsored overseas study program
§  Have a minimum College GPA of 2.750 at the time of application and be in good academic standing
§  Be eligible to graduate within three semesters of receiving an award
§  Have filed a Special Conditions Form with the Office of Student Financial Assistance
Applications are reviewed and awards are made on a rolling basis.  Applications will be accepted up to 4 weeks before the last day of classes each semester.  Additional information and application materials can be found on the College website at: http://college.indiana.edu/undergrad/scholarships/cri_bosart.shtml.

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