SOC-S 210 The Economy, Organizations, and Work

There are still seats available in Dr. Weihua An’s SOC-210 #29906 The Economy, Organizations, and Work course.

09:30A-10:45A TR
Course description: This course covers the basic concepts and topics in economic sociology and work and organizations with a systematic examination of modern organizations from the sociological perspectives.  The topics covered ranges from the hard design of “scientific management” to the “chicken soup for the unsinkable soul” of the interpretative school, from the formal rationalization of bureaucracy to the informal groups discovered by the relational school, from the individualistic view of the transactional cost approach to embeddedness and isomorphism as emphasized by the institutional school, and from the perception of organizations as a natural system by the Taoist Carnegie school to the perception of organizations as an open system by contingency theory and ecological approaches.  Students will also learn about different types of leaderships, the paradox of evaluations, close competitions, conflicts between human capital and social capital, diffusion of innovations, etc.
To illustrate the concepts and theories, we will draw a number of examples from a wide range of fields including automobile, bank, basketball, brewery, computer technology, consulting, food, and newspaper and from a diverse set of organizations such as Apple, Baidu, Enron, Facebook, Google, IU Basketball Team, Kodak, Occupy Movement, PepsiCo, Toshiba, and Wikipedia.

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