Upcoming SOC-IU Events

Hey sociology students!   Are you passionate about sociology?  Are you interested in meeting other students studying sociology!  Do you want to learn more about career opportunities for sociology majors and cool new developments in the field?   If so, SOC-IU is the club for YOU!  SOC-IU is a club for all undergraduate students majoring in sociology, minoring in sociology, or thinking about becoming a major in minor in sociology!  We hold social events where you can meet and hang out with other sociology majors, professional development and career education events, and informal “Lunch and Learn” sessions with IU Sociology professors where we have the opportunity to learn about their research and cool new developments in the field!  Some of our events last year included a Lunch and Learn session with Dr. Peggy Thoits about her research on social stress theory, a panel discussion on the role of social movements in the presidential election, and an “Exploring Careers for Sociology Majors” event with the Career Development Center!

Sound like fun?  Come to one of our call-out meetings and get involved!  We will be holding call outs at 7 PM on WEDNESDAY,  SEPT 17, and TUESDAY, SEPT. 24 at the IMU Starbucks!  Come and find out what SOC-IU is all about!  You don’t need to come to both call-outs, just come to the one that works for you!  And if you can’t make either, e-mail me at dbackman@imail.iu.edu so we can get you involved!!


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