Careers in Community Organizing for Social Justice Available to IU Students and Alums

The Direct Action & Research Training (DART) Center will be hosting a webinar on Tuesday, October 22 at 8pm ET to discuss careers in the field of community organizing with individuals interested in empowering communities and working for social change.  RSVP by contacting Hannah Wittmer at or calling 785.438.9808 with your name, phone #, and graduation date (actual or expected).  You will then receive instructions for accessing the webinar.

DART is now accepting applications for the 2014 DART Organizers Institute, the paid training and career placement program for individuals interested in launching a career in community organizing.  The DART Center has built coalitions throughout the country that have won important victories on a broad set of justice issues including:

* Education reform in low-performing public schools
* Job Training
* Drugs and Violence
* Criminal Recidivism
* Living Wage
* Neighborhood Revitalization
* Predatory Lending
* Affordable Housing, etc.

The DART Organizers Institute combines a classroom orientation with infield training at a local grassroots organization.  Organizers are provided with a cost of living stipend and travel.  Graduates of the Organizers Institute are placed into permanent full-time, salaried positions earning $34,000/year + benefits.  The DART Organizers Institute will begin June 16, 2014.  Training locations and permanent placements sites include cities in Ohio, Kentucky, Kansas, Indiana, South Carolina, Virginia and Florida.  To find out more about DART or to apply, we encourage you to visit or contact Hannah Wittmer at or (785) 438-9808.


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