Indianapolis Teaching Fellows

Indianapolis Teaching Fellows provides an accelerated pathway into teaching for accomplished professionals and recent college graduates who aren’t yet certified as educators, but who possess the dedication and content knowledge to teach in some of Indiana’s highest-need districts, including schools in Indianapolis and Northwest Indiana.  Great teachers have a huge and lasting impact on students’ lives, and students grappling with the challenges of poverty need great teachers most.  That’s why our program is so selective –in 2013, only 8% of all Teaching Fellows applicants successfully met our standards for admission, training and entry into the classroom.  You may have built a successful career, and now wish to give back as a teacher.  You could be an accomplished recent graduate who now wants to share your passion for learning with Indiana’s students.  Whatever your background, you believe that every student can achieve at a high-level and will do whatever it takes to help them get there.  We are currently seeking outstanding candidates to teach critical-need subjects, including science, math, Spanish and special education.

Benefits of Teaching in Indianapolis: Indianapolis Teaching Fellows is really focused on results.  That’s clear from the first day of training.  There are high standards, but the benefit is that the people who make it through are aligned to one mission so we can collaborate to improve education for all students.” – Emily Willis, 2011 Indianapolis Teaching Fellow

Flexible Teaching Locations: Indianapolis Teaching Fellows have unique flexibility in where to work and live, with twenty school district and charter partners throughout the state.  Fellows can teach and live in downtown Indianapolis or live in Chicago and work in East Chicago or Gary, Indiana, just a few miles south along Lake Michigan.  Wherever you teach, you will be working in a state that is recognized for being on the cutting edge of education reform.

Classroom-Centered Training: Our training is radically simple, focused practice on key skills to get new teachers off to a strong start.  With intensive summer training and ongoing coaching from experienced teachers that continues throughout the first year in the classroom, Teaching Fellows practice, reflect, and improve until they master the craft of great teaching.

Certification that Counts: We hold the highest standards for certification of any program in the country.  Upon graduating our program, Indianapolis Teaching Fellows are recognized not simply as certified teachers, but as having a proven track record of classroom success.

Full Salary and Benefits: While pursuing certification, Teaching Fellows work full-time at a district or charter school and earn a full teacher’s salary plus comprehensive benefits.

Successful Fellows:
• Take ownership.  Fellows believe that every single student can excel academically, and they have the responsibility to get students there.
• Crave feedback.  They seek out and welcome advice from instructors, coaches and peers.
• Commit to practice.  They work deliberately to perfect new techniques that will improve their teaching.
• Embrace challenges.  They meet the daily challenges of teaching in a high-need school with determination and optimism.
• Share their passions.  They use their deep subject knowledge to ignite student interest, inspiring achievement and a real love of learning.

Qualifications and eligibility for Indianapolis Teaching Fellows:
• Must have bachelor’s degree by spring 2014
• Must be authorized to work in the U.S.
• Must be able to pass an FBI background investigation
• Must not be a certified teacher
• Must have a minimum 3.0 cumulative undergraduate GPA


You can view this job and application instructions through myIUcareers account, Job ID# 24652

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