Academic Support for Students Learning Finite / Spring 2014

Throughout each semester we are continually reminded of students’ struggles in the learning of finite math. Unfortunately many of these students might have been more successful in their learning of finite math if they had enrolled in one of the Student Academic Center Educ X101 courses that focuses on effective math learning strategies.  The Educ X101 linked courses are open to all students regardless of where they are in their education, as long as they are co-enrolled in the respective linked course.

EDUC-X101: Learning Strategies for Math M118

EDUC-X101: Techniques in Textbook Reading – Learning Strategies for Math (D116)

Sharon Chertkoff, Ph.D.
Basic Skills and Outreach Coordinator,
Student Academic Center
Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education
408 N. Union, Suite 300
(812) 855-7313 phone
(812) 855-5474 fax

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