Seats Still Available in GNDR G205: Gender, Race and Surveillance

Spring 2014
MW 2:30-3:40
CASE S&H Credit
Instructor: Nick Clarkson

Topics of discussion include:
–prison/law enforcement
–airport security
–data mining
–reality TV
–social media
–military surveillance and drones
–counter-surveillance and other forms of resistance

Course description:

Recent government surveillance scandals, ongoing post-9/11 security initiatives, and everyday sharing of information via social networking indicate that matters of privacy, security, and surveillance are in flux.  This course examines understandings of privacy and systems of surveillance, with particular attention to the ways in which one’s race, sexuality, and gender affect access to privacy and security or subjection to surveillance.  We will discuss topics such as the role of contraception and abortion cases in a legal right to privacy, airport security practices, reality TV programming and social networking sites, and resistance to surveillance policies.

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