2014 IU Summer Language Workshop

The Indiana University Summer Language Workshop (June 9 – August 1, 2014) is accepting applications for intensive first and second-year Swahili on the Bloomington campus.  The program features 20 contact hours weekly, twice-weekly Swahili language table, films, food tastings, and other culturally rich extracurricular programming.

* All participants pay in-state tuition
* Students earn 6-8 credits
* FLAS and ROTC Project GO funding available to qualified students in select languages – Priority deadline for funding is February 1, 2014.  Funding requests received after this date will be reviewed contingent upon availability of remaining funds.

In 2014, the Workshop will also offer intensive language courses in Arabic (begins June 2), Hindi-Urdu, Hungarian, Mongolian, Persian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Tatar, Turkish, and Uzbek.

See http://www.indiana.edu/~swseel/<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001AhADyeZeX6B7En7UzBwPDw-llVJusmrI4jVJSXGEoRWs125At1rP-K9OFhwPjfn1ZfT2yOLuhudFlwal-9biqliBjpvkK-eMTunE_a4Z6S0TcewJ3XHys7VXyZ2hLj4mx-IrV2Hhk_Gv1Gh7Mj9MRTo6EAWFAvAeHM1GVDPKoqSfPW-iaRDwLS42hTEjupER&c=x4XRs5-ijLiABYwrWzsvBdagKFTaDjo7WZEwWJ4VE-o_BLsJv7EoiQ==&ch=vOgHGAVRtOgRdMeqFBK2IY1BV_yyq4wtXU4CL61Vh9xxQ1cFCvadSQ==> for more information and to apply.

Questions? Please contact swseel@indiana.edu or 812-855-2889.


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