Paid Summer Political Opportunity for Students

Students for a New American Politics PAC is pleased to announce the 2014 Organizing Fellowship Program. The SNAP Fellowship is a paid grassroots organizing fellowship for students and youth that’s fast-paced, high-impact, and focused on social justice values.  This isn’t your average summer internship – it’s your opportunity to create real, lasting change.  As a SNAP Organizing Fellow, you’ll receive training from experienced organizers with roots in electoral politics as well as the labor and economic justice, environmental, LGBTQ, and immigrants’ rights movements.  You’ll learn to talk to voters and recruit volunteers to elect Democratic candidates who are ready to put Congress to work building a fairer society.  SNAP seeks to hire 20 Organizing Fellows in our early application round and 15-20 more in the March regular round.  All Organizing Fellows will be placed on liberal/progressive Congressional campaigns in competitive districts across the country.  Fellows will attend a three-day training session in the New York metro area in early June and then work as grassroots organizers on campaigns from early June to the middle of August.  Many past fellows have been asked to stay on their campaigns through the fall.  Equal Access Statement: SNAP believes that our country’s leadership should reflect its diversity.  We therefore pay all Organizing Fellows a stipend of up to $5,000, based on financial need.  The average stipend in summer 2012 was $1,443 plus free housing and travel for 10 weeks. 

How to Apply: For priority consideration, please submit your application for the Organizing Fellowship Program as soon as possible.  Details of our application can be found at  Early Application Round: Apply by Wednesday, December 18 and you will receive a decision by Monday, January 27. Regular Round: Apply by Friday, March 7 and you will receive a decision by Monday, April 7. Questions?  Contact

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