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EDUC-X150: Becoming the Best Student

There are still open spots in EDUC-X150: Becoming the Best Student, offered by the Student Academic Center during the 2nd 8 weeks.  A more complete description may be found through the links provided below, and also through the class search tools in SIS. EDUC-X150: “Read-Learn Techniques 1” VT: Becoming the Best Student This course is … Continue reading

Managing Academic Stress

Thursday, October 17th | Wells Library Room E-174 | 6:30 PM – 8 PM Dr. Cathy Batka will present techniques and strategies for stress management.  Nearly all college students will experience academic stress: successful students are set apart by how they cope and manage this stress.

Relieve That Stress and Perform Your Best

Dear Students, Come attend the FASE Advisory Board (FAB) Stress Reliever program and learn how to perform your best in the classroom!  Mid-terms are approaching and you need to do your best.  You do not need anxiety and apprehension of exams to weigh you down!  The FAB Stress Reliever program will show you how to … Continue reading

SAC’s New Online Workshop Series

We would like to invite you to experience the SAC’s new online workshop series Click to Succeed: Online Student Support.  This series focuses on a wide variety of topics and skills to enhance undergraduate academic success and provide students the tools they need to reach the ultimate potential of a college education.  Each 20-25 minute … Continue reading

Opening Night at the Academic Support Center (ASC)

Question: At Indiana University, Bloomington, what does “ASC” represent? a) Academic Support Center b) About Student Convenience c) Addressing Scholastic Concerns d) All of the above Answer: d) All of the above–Here at the Academic Support Center, our goal is to help IU students succeed academically by helping them with various scholarly issues and by … Continue reading

EDUC-X156: College and Life Long Learning

A semester-long, 2 cr. hr., satisfactory/fail graded course open to all students that emphasizes “self-directed learning” under the guidance of a personal “academic fitness trainer.”    Knowing how to learn has become the foundational skill that supports success on all levels and in all situations.  Under the guidance of their own “academic fitness trainer”, the student … Continue reading

College Majors Expo

Your orientation to academic opportunities in the College of Arts and Sciences What: A chance to explore the 70+ majors, minors, and programs in the College.  Have your questions answered by advisors, faculty, and staff. When: Thursday, August 22, 3:00-4:00. Open house – come anytime. Where:  Alumni Hall in the Indiana Memorial Union Resource tables, Giveaways, and … Continue reading